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WESTFALIA - Blending & Mixing

The outstanding performance of WESTFALIA-mixing machines is the result of more than 90-years experience in the production of mixing machines over four generations. Continuous adjustment to the latest knowledge in meat pro¬cessing assures the high performance level of WESTFALIA-mixing machines.
Due to the special design of the spiral mixing ele¬ment the WESTFALIA-mixing machines are uni¬que in being able to mix and form long-keeping sausages in one operation.
The sausage meat is neither mashed nor heated.
With the WESTFALIA-mixing machine also ham cuts can easily be tumbled without the need of any change-over. For the processing of German sausages like "frankfurter-type sausages, cook sausages", pastries, salads and other tender sub-stances a change in direction of the bowl is recommended.
The hemispherical trough is highly suited for the economical blending of even very small quantities up to 1/3 of the trough filling level by using counterrotation

Housing parts meet highest quality standards. They are made out of solid stainless steel and are, of course, corrosion-resistant. Special seals provide for soil-free operation of the complete rotation system. All rollers are made out of plastic material and allow for good mobility.
The well thought-out design provides for easy handling properties. Operation in practice as well as cleaning will fully come up to your demands.