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High pressure cleaner

High pressure cleaner with high grade steel lining

  • On plastic wheels with stainless axles mobile,
  • or as wall equipment with high-grade steel console
  • with inserted three-phase motor,protective switchgear,drive over drive belt, with reduced number of revolutions of current three-piston
    and high-grade steel valve
  • sucking in over brass element to 70°C water temperature or direct connection at warm water line to 70°C max. 4 bar.
  • steplessly adjustable pressure 
    relief valve,
  • 5 m cable,3 m hose for sucking, 10 m high-pressure hose
  • a hand safety pistol,
  • 2 squirt pipe in short and long execution

The pumps are sucking in developed and can use thus f. ex. the existing water from the cook boiler. Naturally one can realize also a direct connection to a plant for heat recovery and to the water net.
The high pressure cleaning equipments work with a durable three-piston. It runs in a self-libricating oil bath. The inserted components are according to
standard appropriate for continous operation 70°C. The pressure can be adjusted stepless